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We have to start over when moving abroad

It's exciting but challenging

We have to find our ways.

We carry within ourselves a wealth of strength, resilience and adaptability.

Every experience is shaping you into the extraordinary person you are becoming.

Let me support you in this journey. 

Hi, I'm Ivette

Let's have our first discovery session on me

We need to get to know each other and find the chemistry. This discovery session is a conversation about anything you want to work on as an expat woman and the challenges you can see.

Book a complementary chemistry session.

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Why Life Coaching for Expats?

As an expat who has lived abroad for 15 years, I am aware of the challenges of making a new place feel like home. Despite the inevitable reality check, I have managed to create a fulfilling life for myself in Dubai, overcoming the distance, cultural differences, and other obstacles that come with living abroad.


When moving to a new country, we must start from scratch and create a new home for ourselves. We must adapt to constant changes, leave behind the familiar, and sometimes put our careers on hold as trailing spouses. It can be challenging to navigate these changes and adapt to a new language and culture, often without support.


As someone who has been through this experience, I want to help other expat women transition smoothly into their new lives abroad. I like to be a supportive companion in moments of doubt, enabling them to find their new identity and manage their emotions. I also want to assist them with starting their businesses or new careers, building meaningful relationships, and managing their finances. Ultimately, my goal is to help expat women thrive and embrace the challenges of their new lives. I want them to find a home abroad.



My name is Ivette Barragan

I’m a certified master-level Ontological Life coach accredited by ICF.  I started my training as a coach after having a self-improvement podcast in Spanish called “Practice what you Preach.” Many women felt identified by the topics we touched on in the podcast and came to us and asked questions about how to improve their quality of life. That’s where my passion was born, and I started my training to be better equipped to answer their questions.

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1-on-1 Online Sessions

Up to 50-minute sessions via zoom or google teams

Available in session-packages 


1-on-1 In Person Sessions

For Dubai only, in-person sessions

Available in session-packages

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